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Meet the Springfree Trampoline Ambassadors

Springfree Trampoline is proud to support trampoline athletes around the world for their dedication to sport, safety and active living. Our ambassadors are world class athletes and health professionals who understand the importance of using the safest equipment available to achieve your personal best.

Amanda Parker

Great Britain Trampoline Champion

"The fact that Springfree Trampoline has eliminated 90% of product related injuries supports my view that trampolining can be safe and fun! It’s a great way to get the whole family active and fill your backyard with fun and laughter."

Jeffrey Gluckstein

U.S. Trampoline Champion

"Having suffered an injury from a traditional backyard trampoline as a child I know how dangerous trampolines can be. The design of the Springfree Trampoline proves there is a way for trampolines to be safe while still having fun, right in your own backyard."

Steven Gluckstein

U.S. Trampoline Champion

"Springfree Trampoline shares my love for the sport of trampolining and has created a product that offers families a way to experience the fun of trampolining at home while staying safe. The innovation of this product blows me away and it's extremely bouncy and fun!"

Jason Burnett

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

"Springfree Trampoline is a fun yet safe way to jump. When you’re jumping, you don’t have to worry about getting pinched by springs or getting hurt on any hard edges.The bounce on a Springfree Trampoline is great for a backyard trampoline and it’s perfect for kids and families."

Karen Cockburn

3 Time Olympic Medalist

"I’m proud to work with a company dedicated to introducing kids to the sport I love by offering them the safest trampoline available. Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline I would recommend for your family and your home."

Rosie MacLennan

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

"I love that kids can enjoy hours of fun exercise on the Springfree Trampoline without the worry of falling through the springs or hitting the frame and falling off. Springfree is the safest way for kids to jump, have fun and get fit, right in their own backyard."