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As a parent you know that kids have the ability to be super observant when you don’t want them to be. Just try moving one of their 10 drawings off the fridge and you’ll soon know how observant they are! 

So if you’re one of those parents that’s thinking you can’t buy the Springfree Trampoline you plan to give the kids for Christmas now because they’ll likely spot the boxes, we recommend you order in plenty of time and then use some of these clever ideas tried and tested by parents in previous years to hide the Springfree.

How much hiding space will you need?

To help you determine how much hiding space you’ll need this chart tells you what size the trampoline boxes are. 

The boxes are brown, but remember they will have an image of the trampoline on them, so keep an eye out for that delivery man and make sure inquisitive kids are away from the front door.

Our Favorite Hiding Spots

In the garage or the shed

The ideal spot for the boxes is in the garden shed or garage but you’ll need to cover them with a tarp or an old sheet to hide them. Then put a few things in front of them and some old stuff that’s been around for a while on top so the kids don’t suspect that there’s something new and exciting underneath!   

Ask the neighbour

This is the time to call in that favour from your friendly neighbour. Ask them if you can store the boxes in their garage or shed - and cover them up just in case the kids go for a visit.

Under the bed

Depending on the size of your bed, the height of the boxes does allow for you to slide them under the bed for hiding. Just make sure the kids don’t decide that’s a good place to hide during the next game of hide and seek!

Boat, Truck, RV, Shed   

If you have someone who can help you lift the boxes into the boat or caravan (and you’re not planning a camping or fishing trip between now and Christmas), this might be another good option for a secret hiding spot.

We know it's a surprise

Our delivery partner knows the importance of the Christmas surprise. There won’t be any mention of what the delivery is, but just to be sure, make sure your little bouncers are otherwise engaged or not around to see the boxes when they’re unloaded. 

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